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With Katy Concrete Service, concrete slab cladding is made with concrete adhesives, often offered by tile manufacturers together with joints and impregnates. It is also possible to use adhesive mortars for tiles, making sure that the manufacturer allows such use. Concrete slabs can also be laid on an aggregate drainage layer and regular shaped concrete slabs can also be laid on plastic supports.

Advantages of concrete patios slabs:
– the durability of the cladding
– A multitude of nice designs
– easier than in the case of milled rock tiles and ceramics

Concrete Additions in Katy

Patio concrete tiles are a good idea for finishing a concrete terrace slab. Concrete tiles are resistant to frost and other weather conditions. Their surface may have a different texture.
Terrace finishes: an idea for concrete tiles
Terrace finishes can be adapted to the materials used on the fa├žade or around the house. The terrace going down to the garden can have a surface with concrete tiles the same as in the driveway and garden paths.

A terrace slab is usually made without a dipping layer, so there is some space below the bottom edge of the terrace door. We can use materials of different thickness if we choose the height of the succession and finishing layers accordingly.

Patio concrete tiles are primarily intended for outdoor – they are resistant to frost and other atmospheric factors. Their surface is rough, textured, for example with a pattern imitating wood, stone or brick. It can also be brushed or rinsed to bring out single grains to the surface. Products sprinkled on top with fine aggregate, for example, granite, perfectly imitate other more noble materials.

Manufacturers of precast concrete products offer more and more beautiful elements. They try to make the concrete tiles look like ceramics so that they can be used in the same way. Modern methods of dyeing concrete allow creating various patterns of tiles on the terrace, interpenetrating colors, for example mimicking rocks. In many collections, concrete is stained in bulk, so we can safely cut edge tiles.

To make a cladding on a terrace or balcony, the best ones are concrete slabs with a regular shape of squares, rectangles or trapezoids. Many collections include elements of various sizes, from which you can create a variety of patterns. We can also use irregular, with false joints, imitating a combination of several smaller elements.

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